Slash gets a new guitar…..

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I was recently commissioned to photograph Guns N’ Roses ex-guitarist/rock legend Slash, as he received his brand new custom-built acoustic guitar from Canadian guitar builder/luthier Reuben Forsland of Joi Guitars.  Here’s a few captures from the shoot.

This particular guitar is a REAL masterpiece!  It’s made of several rare and exotic materials including 3,000 year old glacier spruce, rare Honduran mahogany, petrified whale bone and incudes sterling silver inlays.  Slash really loved the guitar and the way it plays. You can read more about this amazing guitar and the work of Joi Guitars here.


Slash showing off his brand new custom-made guitar


Slash with custom guitar builder Reuben Forsland (right)

Below is a video of Reuben showing us how he built Slash’s guitar and discussing some of the materials used:

Joi Creates the Slash Guitar from Unveil Studios on Vimeo.

Last modified: January 11, 2015

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