Skype introduces real-time language translation for Skype calls

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Well this is cool, my former colleagues at Skype have just introduced real-time translation for Skype calls! Skype Translator means you can chat with someone in another language that you don’t know – this could be huge!

Microsoft just announced a Preview of Skype Translator and here’s how they are describing it (the Preview requires you to register and currently only runs on Windows 8).

How it works – Speak another language without learning another language. Simply set up a Skype video or voice call with someone who speaks another language to you and start talking.

Your conversation is translated into their language in real time.
 What they say is translated back in your language.
An on-screen transcript of your call is displayed.
Instant message chats in 45 languages can be translated.

Here’s a demo video from Microsoft demonstrating Skype Translator doing real-time translation between English and German inside a Skype video call:

Last modified: November 4, 2014

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